Note: I am not affiliated with any of these services in the sense that I don’t get any compensation for mentioning them.  They are just services I personally have used or currently use, or traders whom I have interacted with for a long time and respect their skills and integrity.

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  • Rico777

    Hello Brian… Found you through researching trading services… I’m looking to normalize my life by day trading and hopefully never return to a corporate gig. As a novice I need some expert advice and guidance. Had an accidental/awesome 2012 trading season with CCL, RCL, and FIO. Accidental in the sense that I had no idea what I was doing, but I made good money! I Currently reside in Socal and would be grateful for a consultation with you. I can be reached at … Thanks and regards, Ricky

  • britepathos

    Thanks for your blog and your list. I would like to caution your readers that a trading service that is run by one person without backup is an inferior service. Vacations, sickness and unexpected personal events detract from one-man operations ability to provide continuity to clients. I was a member of one of the services in your list and this was a big problem.

    • I know which service you are referring to, and EVEN WITH those issues, the service is one of the best (if not the best) out there because the guy who runs it is not only one of the best traders I have seen, but is a hell of a nice guy who is always willing to share and help people. He could charge $1,000/mo. and it would still be a deal IMHO.

      • britepathos

        I’m not confident you are aware of which service I’m referring to, unless you looked at investimonials. But, that is besides my point. My strong advice is to look for a service with trading wisdom that is distributed among more than one person. I’m thinking of FirstAdaptor’s room, for instance. Although I’m not presently a member of any service, he has taken the time to curate an environment serviced willingly by a few competent and helpful traders. Why pay for a single approach, unreliably executed, when you can have multiple sources of wisdom plus the greater equilibrium that reliability brings.

  • Chat

    Awesome blog Sir….one question. Which would be the one service you would pick if u could do only one for a solid education and good setups and trades. Thanks!!

    • Thanks for the nice words. They are all good, it depends on which one fits your style best. Most offer a free trial period so check them all out and go with the one you are most comfortable with.

      Thanks for reading.

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