5 Stocks Ready To Break Out Of Massive Multi-Year Bases

As my friends over at High Chart Pattern Group say, “The base is everything!”  Here are some stocks getting ready to come out of massive multi-year bases.


A guy who’s name I can’t remember–but seemed pretty smart–gave a presentation at Stocktoberfest asserting that $MSFT was the next $AAPL.  This was based not on Windows sales but some other tech area they are set to dominate (maybe it was enterprise services).  If his theory is correct, then this might finally be a real move out of a 13-year base.


At the end of last year I was asked what industry would be hot in 2013 and I answered “the brokerage industry.” I was really referring to the retail brokerages like $SCHW and $ETFC (which by the way have been en fuego), but $CME and $ICE technically fit in that group as well.


Fifteen years after Antiques Roadshow premiered, the major auction houses are starting to use algorythmic logic and big data to maximize their returns.  $BID is at the forefront of this trend and the chart looks like it is about to break out of a massive cup and handle-ish type pattern.


Skateboarding, surfing, Snoop Dog (or Lion), that’s what $ZUMZ is all about.  Yeah, whatever.  None of them were even born when Lonnie Toft was doing  full-coping grinds on his signature 8-wheel Sims board.  Whatever.  Stock is not there quite yet, but this 6-year ascending triangle is starting to look bitchin man!

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