The One 9/11 Documentary You Should Watch Today

Every year since 9/11, on the anniversary of that tragic day, I take a little over an hour and watch the documentary “9/11: The Falling Man.”

This is a non-politicized, non-wacky conspiracy theory movie about the search for the identity of one lone victim of 9/11 who threw himself out of the towers, rather than burn to death, and was photographed as he fell.

You should watch it too.

Watch “9/11: The Falling Man (via You Tube)

  • Anonymous Jewish Pedophile

    What’s so wacky about thinking your government is more concerned with accomplishing global fascism than it is the welfare of its own citizens? Only in Kissinger’s America… Filthy parasites.

  • Mark

    It interesting how fast time flies. I remember you writing almost exactly the same thing last year and was glad I took the time to watch it. And it looks like someone else had the same thought.

  • Mark Gallant

    Watched it last year. Awesome…..eerie …. thanks for the reminder as it is worth checking out again

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