I Hate To Say “I Told You So.” Well…No I Don’t.

Right from the start I knew the Occupy Wall Street “movement” was a joke.  Not the message, just the people who made up the movement.

It was clear to me that they were just a larger, media magnified version of the guys I knew in high school who played video games in their parent’s basement every day and told each other “we should start a band.”  I knew a lot of those guys.  Most of them are still in that basement.

The “Occupiers” have been my personal bête noire over the last year and I have written about them and their idiocy numerous times including “Thoughts On Economic Injustice In America,”  “So You Want To Reform Wall Street?  Okay, First Let’s Talk About The Real Once Percenters,”  “R.I.P Occupy Wall Street – What You Didn’t Learn From The Vietnam War,” and my personal favorite, “Occupy Chalk Street.”

Over the holidays GQ Magazine came out with their “Least Influential People of 2012” list, and I was delighted to see my favorite group of ne’er do wells on the list at number twenty.

OWS Losing
Abbie Hoffman reincarnated….with an Iphone.

In order to grasp how amazing their inclusion on this list is you have to understand that Jim Nelson, the editor of GQ, is a dyed in the wool, hardcore liberal who has spent the better part of the last decade mercilessly castigating almost every conservative politician in the pages of his magazine.  If there was even one scintilla of worth left in that “movement” he would have still championed them…but of course there isn’t.

And you’ll have to forgive me for the tardiness of this post, but when the list first came out I was so busy living a productive life, contributing to society, working with my family and friends to build a better community, and basically doing the opposite of the OWS crowd, that I just didn’t have the time free to write it.

The Least Influential People of 2012 via GQ Magazine.

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