Why Successful Traders Should Be Thankful

This post originally appeared on TraderPlanet.com.

Thanksgiving is about reminding ourselves how we lucky we are to have the important things in life like good health, good friends, and good family.

So what do Thanksgiving and trading have to with each other? I mean the market isn’t even open on turkey day right? But if you think about it, there is a real and meaningful connection between the two if you are a successful trader.

Being a successful trader means you are not working on a rooftop in the middle of summer laying down asphalt or digging out busted sewer lines in the dead of winter.

It means not having to deal with overbearing bosses, gossipy co-workers, or three hour “planning” meetings on a daily basis.

While the vast majority of the populace looks at the machinations of politics, the ambiguity of economic policy, and the plotting of central banks with an overwhelming sense of helplessness, successful traders find ways to extract wealth from how they affect the markets.

Rising gas prices don’t bother them because they can go long USO. A faltering housing market can be negated by shorting XHB. There is no adverse economic scenario that can be thrown at a successful trader that they don’t have a reasonable shot at profiting from.

Being a successful trader gives you power. Which gives you independence. Which gives you freedom.

Freedom to live where you want. To work when you want. To be your own boss and practice the purest form of financial self-determination available.

The ability to trade and to trade successfully is something that 99% percent of the world’s population would give their right arm to be able to do. And if you can do it, then Thanksgiving is the day made for you.

The day you stop and give thanks. Thanks that you can make a living while sitting in the comfort of your own home, wearing pajamas and Mickey Mouse slippers, while most of your friends and neighbors fight the traffic, the congestion, and the elements on their way to jobs that they hate.

Thanks for living in a country where markets are free (for all intents and purposes) and every citizen has the right to participate in them.

And thanks for living in a time like no other where technology has leveled the playing field for all market participants.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

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