Third Time’s The Charm: Yesterday’s CNBC Segment

So yesterday I did my third hit on CNBC (well technically my second as I got bumped once).  What was the consensus?

My father-in-law said “you need to wear a suit,” with an implied “punk” at the end.  My sister said I should smile more.  But most felt that I did good.

I’ve come a long way since my first appearance chronicled in my “10 Thoughts That Went Through My Head Just Before My First CNBC Appearance”  post, and I myself finally felt relaxed and the words flowed easily, which they had better after my epiphany after being bumped, as noted in my  “Why CNBC Appearances Are Child’s Play” post.

So now I think I should stop commenting and making a big deal of CNBC hits because I risk sounding either like a “rube” who is transfixed by the “purdy lights” or someone who “doth protest too much”  about nothing.

Anyway, thanks for all the nice words and support, as always I appreciate it.

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  • Jeff Watson

    I avoid financial news media like the plague. None of them know what the hell they are talking about…..I’ve found in 35 years that the real guys making the money are keeping their mouths shut.

  • great work….

  • rgnuttall

    I like the no-tie. Ties, IN THIS MEGA-SHORT CONTEXT, are distracting. What you say in 30 seconds should have no distraction. I swear to god, I missed half of what the 2nd guy was saying because his tie looked screwed up. LOL… not.

  • Baa©

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