Part 2 Of The 100 Percent Accurate Trading Newsletter

I have issues, there’s no doubt about that.  Though I have tried be more “zen-like” over the last few years, there are still things that get me upset that probably shouldn’t.

Very high up on that list are what I call “unimportant clarifications” and the people who say them; things that not only have no bearing on the story, point, or lesson being told but actually detract from the overall idea that is being presented.

Here is an example from a real-life conversation I recently had…..

“Oh, I heard you went up to see *blank* the other day.  I guess she hasn’t been feeling good lately, how did she look to you?”

“Well, I have to say, for somebody that just turned eighty-six she looks very, very…..”

“…..she’s actually eighty-five!”

“Uh….really?  Okay, eighty-six then.”

Now let me tell you what that “really” means in this context.

It means, “Really?  That is what you are fucking interrupting me to say?  That she is one year older than I said?  Forgive me, but didn’t you ask me how she looked?  I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you are seriously are interested in how *blank* is doing, so if that is the case, what does one extra year matter?”

“Did you think that your clarification was going to change my story dramatically?  Like, ‘she looks very good for someone who just turned eighty-five.  What, she is eighty-six?  OH…MY….GOD!!!  Then she looks like somebody who is literally knocking on death’s door.  We better call Forest Lawn right now to make arrangements.'”

Alright, hang on for a moment while I breathe and get in touch with my inner spirit animal………ahhhhhhhh!  Better.  I love porpoises.

A few weeks back I did a post called “The 100 Accurate Trading Newsletter” where I gave an example of how someone could scam you into thinking that their newsletter was a consistent money-maker, when in fact it wasn’t.  In that post I used the example of a newsletter that mailed or emailed you a solicitation to subscribe.

And out came the “Clarificators.”  They made a point that nobody markets via snail mail anymore, and that unsolicited emails are already viewed with as spam to start with.

Well, that was not my point.  The methodology of how you find a potentially fraudulent trading service doesn’t matter, nor does it safeguard you from being scammed.  Case in point…

I have recently come across a new trading service whose principal seems to be a former, still sometimes, spokes-model/reality TV participant.  This lovely lady is CRUSHING THE MARKET on a daily basis.  The proof on the site is a daily “screen cap” of the trading profit (never a loss) from her brokerage account.

Look, I am not saying that Vanna White junior is NOT crushing the markets, I am just saying that the “proof” that is being shown is suspect.

If I was an enterprising person who wanted to run a grey area type trading service scam, the first thing I would do would be to get a good-looking, sexy lady as my frontman.  Why?  Because the fact of the matter is that the vast majority of traders are guys.

And the vast majority of guys lose any sense of logic and objectivity when hot women are involved.  It’s why every guy that goes to a strip club thinks that the lady who is dancing for him is doing it because, in his words, “she really likes me.”  And need I remind you of the Hot Trader Chick post.

The next thing I would do is open two different accounts at one broker and fund them with the same amount of money.  Then I would do the modern-day version of the “A/B scam.”

I would buy 500 shares of XYZ in one account and at the same time short 500 shares of XYZ in the other account.  Then whichever account was up for the day, I would “screen cap” that one, conveniently leaving out the account balance, and then display it right next to the smiling face of the stripper…..uh, I mean trader who did the trades.

But that’s just me.

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