The 5 Hardest Stocks To Trade…EVER!

I was sitting with some traders the other day, doing that standard thing standard traders do, taking about trading.  The subject came up about tough stocks to trade. Not hyper-thin biotechs or Ukrainian ADR’s, but normative, mainstream stocks that for some reason have been our personal bête noire to trade.

Five stocks popped into my head.

1.  Intercontinental Exchange ($ICE)

2.  ProShares UltraShortFinancials ($SKF)

3.  Wynn Resorts Limited ($WYNN)

4.  Potash Corporation ($POT)

5.  Walter Energy ($WLT)

For some reason over the years, these are stocks that I have constantly had trouble trading successfully.  So much so that not unlike a beaten dog, even if I see that they have good looking charts, I tend to shy away from them.

What stocks stick out in your mind as troublesome to trade?

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  • puja13

    POT, POT and POT. Wipes me out every time. So does the weed version. Must be some kinda correlation I am missing.

  • Ryan

    MCP POT CLF(used to be better) some retail stocks like ANF JCP suck also. For me BIDU is hard, not sure if I have ever made money in that

  • CashRocket

    I cant trade GS or JOSB for the life of me

  • PatP


  • cody

    of this list the 1-2 year charts all show slight to moderate downtrends… i find that the list of stocks i have had trouble with share similar characteristics. If these where traded short i bet the result would be better. that whole trading with the trend thing.

    i have gotten whacked with MUX…that thing has my number. and once again i was trading a downtrending stock from the long side.

    • This is just a list of general hard to trade stocks, not in any particular time frame.

  • thetradingwife


    • Yes…have had trouble with that too.

  • $CME

    • All the exchanges (what’s left of them) are tough.

  • R Nuttall

    $NUAN comes to mind. My entries always turn out to suck.

    • yes, good call on NUAN.

  • RaginCajun

    add VHC in there

    • YES…definitely. I was just talking with GTO about that today, though he says it is a nice swing stock.

  • pot sucks

  • Your number 3&4 are on my list. Another two that are on my list are $AGU & $X, for some reason or other just can’t trade them successfully.

    • Yeah AGU tough too. All the ags for that matter.

  • yvan

    Ford has been my “bete noire” for the past couple of months

    • Interesting, I would not have thought Ford would make the list.

      Thanks for reading.

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