10 Thoughts That Went Through My Head Just Before My First CNBC Appearance.

CNBC was nice enough to have me on as a guest on yesterday’s “Tomorrow in 30:” segment on the “Closing Bell with Maria Bartiromo.”

I admit I was a bit apprehensive about doing my first ever live television shot, but that increased to “nervousness” once I saw the setup at the studio.  It was literally the definition of “flying blind.”

The were no monitors at all.  Not of me.  Not of the host.  Not of the guests.  I was in a darkened room with only two diffused spotlights directed at me and an audio feed in my ear.  There wasn’t even one of those red lights on top of the camera to tell you when you were live.

Suffice to say my mind was racing with all sorts of thoughts as the countdown to Maria saying, “Brian, you’re up.  30 seconds on the clock, what do you want to look at?” commenced.  They went roughly like this….

10 seconds……Hah, now all my prom dates will definitely be sorry they didn’t sleep with me.

9 seconds……..Only 3,564 more appearances before I catch up with that damn Josh Brown.

8 seconds……..Hmmm, perhaps I should edit out the “I’m getting long wood, ya know, lumber…” joke from my spot.

7 seconds……..Note to self, try not to say “Shitty Bank” while on air.

6  seconds…….How long until a producer comes in yelling, “wait…wait,  he’s just a loud-mouth with a blog.  Cut, cut…..good God CUUUUTTTT…!!!!!”

5 seconds……..I wonder which the viewers will vote as more distracting, my big nose, large forehead, or Dumbo ears?

4 seconds……..Can Snooki ever really find true happiness without a man in her life?

3 seconds……..I’m starting to relate to the “sweating scene” with Albert Brooks  in “Broadcast News.”

2 seconds……….Did they really think they could swap Dick York out for Dick Sargent and we wouldn’t notice?

1 second………..What the hell was I going to say again????

I have to dock myself points for bad enunciation, “winking” at the camera, and not being more dynamic.  I think it rated a “C+.”

If there is a “next time” I’ll know the routine and hopefully turn in a better performance.

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  • Brian Paragmian

    It is ashame you did not ask me what to say, LOL. I would have told you as I have been telling my members of ProfessionalStockTraderLive.com that we are heading lower irrespective of who wins the election. Anybody who did not see this decline coming was either delusional, not understanding the facts in front of them or talking their book; maybe all of them. In my latest article to FinancialSense.com; https://www.financialsense.com/contributors/brian-paragamian/qe3-will-actually-suppress-economy you clearly will see I bearish this market and still am. I do not see any ultmiate low holding the 1300’s and maybe not the 1200’s either. I will let the message of the market and investor psychology tell me when we are at a bottom.

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  • hey you did good.. although the blogs are much more entertainment value..


    • Lol..appreciate that.

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    Did you get laid immediately after?


  • Nah…!!! You beat the other two guys handily! Rate you a B+…might have been an A- if you would have taken the time for a little bit of a tan.

    • Tan…nice. Good pro tip 🙂

  • ET

    GREAT Job! very exciting and you looked great!

    • Too kind. Appreciate it.

  • hal tunick

    thought you were pretty good…didn’t really see the wink though

    • Maybe was more of a “squint”

  • rgnuttall

    Congrats. Didn’t see it, but you’re pretty fast on your feet, so I’m sure you did well. Just stay out of politics (unless you wanna switch over to Fox.)

  • “How long until a producer comes in yelling, “wait…wait, he’s just a loud-mouth with a blog.”

    That’s happened to me. I’ve been invited a bunch of times to CNBC, and it always falls through, for that reason. Glad you made the cut. You won.

    • Hah, thanks but a “Quixotic” win at best 🙂

  • i bomb all the time 🙂

    • But you do it with such panache…..

  • DaveyNC

    Congratulations! http://youtu.be/gM7lTXEncdk

    • But the irony is, I’m actually NOT listed in the phone book……yet!

  • Hey, well done! That’s cool – you’re actually famous now, you know 🙂

    • Yes…famous…in my mind 🙂

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