10 Trading Terms That Sound Like Sex Acts

In no particular order….

  • Blowoff Top
  • Bottom Bounce
  • Shorting Against The Box
  • The Piledriver (Ooops, sorry.  Actual sex act)
  • Inverse Hammer
  • Kissing The Trendline
  • Rolling A Position Forward
  • Getting “Cramered”
  • Churning
  • Spread Trading

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  • jptrader

    “I didn’t want to get too long going heavy into that position for fear it might bounce hard off resistance.”

  • I’m long.

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  • Bernard Cornfeld

    Bearded Clam ….wow after reading Julie’s I need a cigarette…and I don’t even smoke

    • TSXSwingtrader

      Ha! Glad you enjoyed it Bernie 🙂

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  • This will be the MOST commented blog in the history of the world I predict….except for ZH or Kid Dynamite posts on silver that is. I prefer the phrase “XYZ stock is bringing up the rear” in a rally scenario…

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  • frank nash

    Of course i could always go long at 69 and if i get taken out i will more than likely go short!
    Look what you started Brian.

    • TSXSwingtrader

      If you’re going to go long at 69, make sure you start slow. Put on a few feelers, try different positions. And if it pops, make sure you get out on time before you end up having to marry it.

      • This is better than a 900 number oveah heah!

      • frank nash

        Yea got stuck in a b…h of a position years back the spread was good at the time and it had a great double top i entered it,then it dropped i’m still stuck with it now i am looking at it now and am not quite sure if it is a double bottom or a triple bottom but its not looking good!What did i learn from this ….check the spread,enter the position in small sizes,check below the neckline may be consider a fill or kill order and enlist the services of a naked writer…………………oh and by the way whats a cum divedend

  • frank nash

    What about ‘going long’ ………….it only took me three pints of Guinness to come up with that one,Beat that girls!

  • i love parabolic burst

  • TodayTrader

    Shooting star
    hanging man (asphyxiation fetish)
    Dead cat bounce

  • TSXSwingtrader

    High and Tight
    Poking through
    Ready to Explode

    • Brian Lund

      Sorry guys, the gals are coming up with much better ones….:)

  • Legging the spread.

  • Demetri

    Ramping up against resistance, right until final blow off.
    Relief rally…

    Wonder if they make ’em read out loud when auditioning the hotties at cnbc!

  • Don’t forget the ol’ Inverse Head And Shoulders.

    • Ricky


      You should be more careful next time and preface that statement with: “You should check with your Dr. first and ensure you have stretched properly prior to attempting this maneuver”

      • Good advice. If you don’t stretch before the Inverted Head and Shoulders, you might get “stopped out” from the lack of “relative strength”.

  • bumping up against resistance?

    bull spread?

    slamming the close?

    inverse hammer and shorting against the box are my favorites!

  • Naked Call…Bull Put Spread

    What? You started it 🙂

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