Have You Defined Your Blog Rules Of Engagement?

My good friend Jeffrey Ishmael has brought his blog CorpFinCafe back to life after a two-year self-imposed hiatus.  Jeff is a wicked smart CFO of a major retail apparel manufacturer as well as a kick-ass cyclist.

His blog is about the financial issues that public and private companies deal with from a compliance, investor, and social media standpoint.  His first “re-grand opening” post is entitled, “Have You Defined Your Blog Rules of Engagement.”  Here is a taste…

With a recalibration in mind, let’s take a look at some of the more basic ground rules that should be in place for a blog for a corporate finance professional:

  • Specific numbers should never be discussed, regardless of whether it is already in the public domain or not. Leave that to the reporters.
  • If you find yourself working for a public company, refrain from discussing, even generally, initiatives or change management, regardless if it might be in the past.
  • If working for a private company, make sure you have an understanding of the culture and how your writings might be viewed by management…as a liability or a signal of the value you bring to the company.
  • Even if you don’t work there, is it appropriate to discuss your efforts there and the initiatives/improvements you managed. There are a few companies in my resume that I simply don’t discuss in this forum.


Great, so you’ve just taken away a lot of my day-to-day experience that I can write about…what do I have left? When it comes to strengthening your skills as a Finance professional there is no shortage of topics that you can choose that can continue contributing and impacting your personal growth.

  • While you’re going to be part of a larger “reporting” group, you can always choose new developments in accounting topics that are of particular interest to you.
  • Discuss situational experiences with colleagues at other companies, what they were challenged with, and the strategies they employed.
  • Are there any recent books related to your functional area to write a review on?
  • Are there any industry or professional summits that you attended which would be of interested to your readers?
  • What professional organizations do you regularly contribute to? I’ve been a member of FEI for 3-years and expanded my contribution to the Board last year, which has provided some great discussions and content.
  • Are there any recent magazine articles or interviews that you have an opposing view on.

Give it a look.

“Have You Defined Your Blog Rules Of Engagement?” via CorpFinCafe.

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