10 Fascinating “Then And Now” Facts About The NYSE

1792 -There are five securities traded in New York City.  Three are government bonds and two are bank stocks.

Now – There are approximately 8,000 listed issues on NYSE Euronext.

1823 – Fredriksen Lunde, my great, great-grandfather emigrates to the U.S. from Sweden.  He passes on buying a seat at the NYSE as he feels capitalism is “a fad.”

Now – Every year, on the anniversary of his passing I visit his grave and throw lingonberries at the headstone.

1886 – The Exchange experiences its first million-share day on December 15th.

Now – NYSE Volume yesterday was 3,564,732,250.

1942 – A membership sells for $17,000, the lowest price in the twentieth century.

Now – Before going public the highest price paid for a NYSE seat was $4 million on December 1st, 2005

1952 – The NYSE, in its first shareholder census, finds that 6,490,000 Americans own common stock.

Now – Stock ownership peaked when 67% of Americans owned stock in 2001, and as of 2012 sits around 54%.

1974 – Trading hours are extended from 10:00am until 4:00pm.

Now – NYSE Arca pre-market 4:00 am to 9:30am EST.  Regular NYSE trading until 4:00pm. Arca Extended Hours 4:00pm to 8:00pm EST.

1993 – Daimler-Benz AG becomes the first German listed company.

Now – 421 non-U.S. companies valued at $ 11.4 trillion trade on the NYSE.

1996 – NYSE listed company Oakley ($OO) misses earnings and massively gaps down, cutting my trading account in half.  The stock never recovers.

Now – I only wear Ray Bans.

2001 – Decimal pricing of all NYSE stocks is fully implemented, ending the practice of trading in fractions used for two centuries.

Now – Pricing regularly goes six places past the decimal (i.e. $44.419900).

Now – I decline to buy $FB at its IPO and ridicule the stock as overvalued and “a fad.”

2052 – I am sent to the “home” after punching my adult grandson in the mouth when he asks “hey grandpa, why didn’t you buy $FB in the years before they bought $MSFT, $IBM, $AAPL, $BIDU, and $GE, becoming the biggest company in the universe?”

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