The Most Critical Type Of Losers To Cut.

I’d wish you good luck but you wouldn’t know what to do with it if you got it.  And to answer your question, pal: why am I here? I came here because Mitch and Murray asked me to, they asked me for a favor. I said, the real favor, follow my advice and fire your fucking ass because a loser is a loser.  

– Alec Baldwin in “Glengarry Glen Ross”

I saw something happen in a trading room this past week that gave me mental wood.

This is a popular trading room full of great content and a ton of seasoned traders who communicate via chat.  At some point a new member, let’s call her “annoyingtrader,” entered the room.  Right off the bat she started complaining that she couldn’t hear the live audio commentary that was going on.

The trader who runs this room politely pointed out where the “live mic” button was, and how the volume slider worked.  But that wasn’t working for annoyingtrader and she kept complaining that she couldn’t hear the audio.

At this point a few of the regulars in the room started to join in, trying to guide her in how to get the audio on. But once again, she kept complaining that she wasn’t hearing anything and that “something must be wrong with the chat room controls.”

“Look annoyingtrader, we have 300 traders in this room who are having no problem hearing the audio, so my guess is that you are dealing with user error,” was the still convivial, but increasingly frustrated answer from the lead trader.

I got distracted from the chat stream for a moment at this point, but still had the audio on in the room. Apparently “annoying” was now getting into it with the chat room administrator, berating him repeatedly without any acknowledgement of his efforts to help her.

I then looked back at the chat session and saw the following message;

…The admin has kicked out [annoyingtrader] from the chat room Msg 6349…

At this point the lead trader got on the mic and said roughly this…

“So annoyingtrader could not get with the program here.  In addition to that she kept giving the admin crap, and basically we kicked her out of the room, cancelled her membership, and refunded her money. And that’s it…she’s done. Folks, I don’t charge $59.00 a month to make me rich.  I have this service because I like interacting with good people and I like building up a community.  

Look, I trade serious size in this room and if you think that paying the subscription fee gives you the right to come in here, disrupt everyone in an aggressive way, and then to berate the admin who is just trying to fix something for you that you can’t seem to understand yourself…well then you are wrong.  

It is a privilege, not a right to be in this room.  You come in here with a good attitude and let people help you, you can ask whatever you want.  But you come in here with some kinda of entitlement attitude….well your just not going to last.”

Damn Straight….!!!

I honestly have to say I don’t remember this entitlement attitude being as pervasive in the past as it is today. I supposed technology and social media have caused more people to act like they are owed something.  But where it gets really odd is when they complain about content that they are getting 100% free and that is not solicitous.

For example, last week I did a post entitled, “The Greatest  Myth About Trading.”  It dealt with how the average person thinks that trading is inherently risky, and I laid out the case as to why I thought that was not true.

I received a lot of great feedback from traders on the streams and in the comments section of my blog.  But then I got a response that stopped me cold.

via mortongould

trying to benchmark risk is a fool’s game as it’s all relative …I don’t see your point at all….and please, learn to edit as well….now I see why you like altucher..cheers!

I have what I like to call a “dick meter” in my head.  It looks like a tachometer, ranging from 1-10, with the dial getting increasingly redder the closer it gets to 10.  The meter was now “on” as I re-read this comment, breaking it down to try to get the real meaning.

“Trying to benchmark risk is a fool’s game it’s all relative.”

Okay, so he disagrees with my post; hey that is what an open forum is about. Everybody is free to differ and I never censor comments, even negative ones.  Calling it a “fool’s game” bristles a bit because the implication is, that since I was in fact trying to benchmark risk in the post, that I am in essence a fool.  Not sure why Mort had to use an ad hominem attack, but no big deal. Dick meter at “2” or “normal.”

“I don’t see your point at all”

No point at all Mortimer?  So in that whole post, even if you didn’t agree with it, you couldn’t a least see the point I was trying to make?  Am I that bad at communication or are you just a retard?  Hypothetical question of course.  Dick meter now “4” or “slightly intrusive.”

“and please, learn to edit as well.”

Well he does have a point there.  I mean my original response to this was going to be, “I know that I am often verbose on this blog, but it is part of my style and character, and people seem to respond to it in a generally positive way.”  But instead I’ll just edit it down to “go pound sand Morty!”  Now we are spiking up to “6” and the “annoying” range.

“now I see why you like altucher.”

Where do I go with this?  Because I am too verbose, that is why I like James Altucher, who by implication is too verbose as well?  Does this mean that if I see the light and follow Mortimer’s rules of blogging, that I can learn to edit, correct the errors of my past, and no longer enjoy that windbag Altucher?  Definitely in the red here at an “8” or “self-entitled.”


Okay…sounds good. Fuck you too!  “Full dick” has been achieved as we are maxed at “10”.

Mind you, I no longer sweat “Mortons” as they are only an annoyance, like a fly that you swat away.

They are the guys that constantly bad mouth someone on Twitter instead of just hitting the “unfollow” button.  They flit around to blog sites and trading communities that give them info, insight, education, entertainment, and actionable ideas for free; and then shit all over them.

My blog’s tagline has always been “guaranteed to change your life, or your money back,” which I used partly because I thought it was funny and partly as a defensive move to hopefully pre-empt any of the ungrateful on the blogospheres from taking a shot at me.

The tagline is changing soon to better reflect the direction this blog has been going in the last few months, and because I don’t worry about guys like Morton anymore.

Even though I won’t block or erase their comments, it is just so easy now to cut these losers mentally and move on.  Or write a post about it.

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