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Brilliant stuff like this rains down like..well, rain, on my stream during the week. If you want to get wet, follow me on Twitter and StockTwits. You can also pick up my book Trading – The Best of the Best: Top Trading Tips For Our Times by clicking here.

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  1. Thank you for sharing these insights on trading and life. your candid and sometimes brutally honest approach is a fresh breath of air in these markets. it is only after reading your posts that I realize I was the ‘doctor playing poker’ all this time. I now know what a fool I had been and have learned to respect the market even if it’s after losing all of my initial capital and half of the 2nd funding.

  2. Hi Brian Frank Nash here again I was just going over the best of bclund again just to refresh my memory regarding some of your insights on trading.I read a blog by you recently on mentorship and the best way to go about this on the stocktwits network well i thought i might look for advice regarding this.Just a bit of backround i am new to trading and i have completed a course here in Ireland i have to say it was very average as i have learned more on your blog and the twits network,there is not much of a trading network over here and i have no contacts or friends who are interested in trading so i am a bit of a lost soul regarding trading.So if you get a chance in the future i wonder would you be interested in being a mentor or if not somebody else might take pity on me! Only joking,but anyway love reading your blog i am around the same age as yourself and i can relate to a lot of the content you put out there especially in the music realm ,yes i remember rush thats a blast from the past geddy lee screaming his b***s off. Anyway if you get a chance you can write me otherwise no problem i will keep reading the blog and keep drinking that Guinness ‘its good for you’


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