Thanks for checking out my “About Me” page – let me give you a quick background on who I am and what this site is about.

My name is Brian Lund and I’m the guy behind The bclund Blog.

I’m a Southern California-based fin tech executive, with 30 years of experience trading the markets. I currently serve as VP of Business Partnerships at SparkFin.

I also write for The Ticker Tape by TD Ameritrade.

My Blog sits at the intersection of markets, trading, and life, and I try to create a narrative that ties the three together in a way that I hope demystifies the markets and helps make you more successful in both trading and in life in general.

At times, you may think I’m funny, obnoxious, insightful, rude, or just an A-hole, but hopefully, you won’t be bored.

Either way, one thing I will always be is honest.  Get a sense of what I am talking about by checking out the Stock Market Stuff page.

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Re-size-edit1I actively post on Twitter and Stocktwits, a social network for traders and investors.  I’d love to connect with on either or both.

If you follow @bclund you’ll get a variety of things.  First off you will get some insights into my thoughts about the markets and trading – the stuff that is too short to put into a blog post.

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  • James

    Hey, are you the Brian Lund who wrote the article that said that gold will eventually become worthless? I was wondering if you knew that in 1950 you could buy 12 barrels of oil with an ounce of gold, and in 2016 you could buy 25 barrels of oil with the same ounce of gold? Why don’t you write articles warning people that oil is becoming worthless even faster than gold is?

  • Maisie

    tx for your extremely useful blog posts lately – i had never heard of the “R” concept before and yr stops post v useful indeed

    • Brian Lund

      Glad it helped, and thank you for reading the blog. I appreciate it.

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About Brian Lund

About Brian Lund

Great father. Good friend. Decent writer. Lacking husband. Solid drummer. Sometimes funny. Often A-hole. Terrible poker player. Too smart. Punk rock. Work in an ice cream shop.

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