About Brian Lund (@bclund on StockTwits)

Thanks for checking out my StockTwits profile – let me give you a quick background on who I am and what this site is about.

My name is Brian Lund and I’m the guy behind The bclund Blog.  I also write for Yahoo Finance, AOL’s DailyFinance, About.com, Problogger, and other media outlets.

I’m 45 years old, live in Southern California, married with two wonderful children and have been trading, drumming, and running businesses for over 25 years. I also like beer.

My Blog

On The bclund Blog I write about three things…

Life – ex. Time Is Killing My Little Girl, The Thing That I Fear Most, and How To Bring A Loved One Back From The Dead.

Trading – ex. The Most Important Concept For Successful Trading, How You’ll Know When A Tradable Bottom Is In, and The 10 Commandments Of Trading.

Life and Trading – ex.  Avoiding The Suicide Trade At All Costs, How I Missed 400 Points In Apple, and How 2008 Scarred My Trading, Intra-Uterine Insemination, And Why Gary Numan Is The Ideal Trader.

I like to think of bclund.com as the intersection of markets, trading, and life, and I try to create a narrative that ties the three together in a way that I hope “demystifies” the markets and helps to make you more successful in both trading and in life in general.

Along the way you will have to put up with my odd sense of humor, as well as my interest in punk rock, pop culture, literature, music, and hard-core porn (ah…just seeing if you are paying attention).

You may think at times that I am funny, obnoxious, insightful, rude, or just an A-hole, but hopefully you won’t be bored.

Either way, one thing I will always be is honest.  Get a sense of what I am talking about by checking out the “Best of bclund” page.

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