When Billionaires Cry


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Welcome back folks.  I know it’s been a tough week for all of us given the horrible news out of the Jay-Z-Beyonce camp but I appreciate you putting on a brave face and checking back in with the Lund Loop.

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Short and sweet….

“Nobody solves poverty by going broke.”

-Adam Braun, founder of “Pencils of Promise” which has built over 200 schools in 3rd world countries.


“People go where they grow.”

Seth Godin on what attracts people to certain content or products.



 -Marc Maron when asked by Norm Macdonald what other professional options he had before starting his podcast.


“He was a natural movie star, not a natural actor. He had to learn that.”

-Scott Eyman, author of “John Wayne : The Life and Legend.”


“Get up, do it, prove you can do it, then do something else.”

-Magician Lance Burton on how to keep people engaged.


And finally….

  • When I die, turn me into one of these and then huck it at Justin Bieber/Kanye West/A random Kardashian/Anyone on “The View.”

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