Intro To Trading Webinar For All StockTwits Members

As a “Thank You” to all of you who recently followed me on StockTwits, I am hosting an open Q&A this Friday, the 3rd, at 9:00am PST.  Anyone can attend but the real target audience is those of you who are new to StockTwits and new to the markets.  During this webinar I will answer any and all questions, to the best of my ability, about trading.  In addition, everyone who attends will get a free copy of my book Trading: The Best of The Best – Top Trading Tips For Our Times, which contains over 200 market tips from over 60 active traders and investors.

And here are the most important things to remember for this webinar; there are NO dumb questions, there are NO questions too basic to ask, and NOBODY should be too intimidated to participate.  So just sign up with the link below, and I will see you then.

*Note: The webinar is limited to 100 people so please only sign up if you plan to attend*

Click here to sign up for this free webinar.

Brilliant stuff like this rains down like..well, rain, on my stream during the week.  If you want to get wet, follow me on Twitter and StockTwits.  You can also pick up my book Trading – The Best of the Best: Top Trading Tips For Our Times by clicking here.  All proceeds go to fight pediatric brain cancer.

  • cookyjones

    I like the feeling of getting wet, so please, let it rain.