Best Of The StockTwits Network 10-12-13

Give it up for the 16 best posts of the past week from The StockTwits Blog Network.

*Note: There will be no “Best of…” Post next week as I will be drinking fine craft beer at Stocktoberfest in Coronado.

A girl I dated in college once wanted to try a “bear collar,” but I’m not really that kinky (1nvestor)

What to do in the new “low-return” world (Abnormal Returns)

The “why” does not matter when looking at charts (All Star Charts)

Everything you ever wanted to know about the Government’s finances (Avondale Asset Management)

I am speaking this week at Stocktoberfest, so this post by James is very timely (Altucher Confidential)

One of the best weekly market reviews out there.  (Psssst…’s free) (Crossing Wall Street)

Everybody wants a pullback in a strong stock to get in, but sometimes it is not that simple (Drangonfly Capital)

Can you buy this dip?  Well can you? (Ivanhoff Capital)

Joe updates his Fourth Quarter Plan (Joe Fahmy)

$GOOG has formed a head-and-shoulders top.  So says the man with a middle initial of “L” (Peter L. Brandt)

SELL! SELL! SELL! (Points and Figures)

Hearing a lot of buzz about a resurgent Germany (hopefully minus the Nazis).  Here is one way you can get in on the action  (Sizemore Insights)

Apparently Santa’s sleigh will be pulled by angry bears this year (Talented Blonde)

This week we have the “Left Coast” event in Stocktoberfest.  Last week was the “Right Coast” event (The Reformed Broker)

Public debt does not matter (The Armo Trader)

Frank breaks down some of the bearish patterns he sees in the “Leading Stocks” (Zor Trades)

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