What It Looks Like To Crush It

You may never have heard of Vertical Horizon–supposedly they had some minor hits in the 90’s–but chances are you have heard of Neil Peart.  It is a very rare occurrence to find him recording with anyone outside of his two Canadian co-horts in Rush, but he is laying down the beat on some of VH’s songs off their upcoming album.  Check the video below for “Instamatic” (starting at the 1:55 mark) and tell me if at age 61 “The Professor” has lost even one stroke (…he hasn’t).  This is a crushing performance so make sure to TURN IT UP!

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  • gtotoy

    Rush? Baa-Hum-Bug! !!

  • I’ve heard great things about your book, Brian.
    I read a couple of glowing reviews. I’m looking forward to reading it. And Neil
    Peart totally crushes it in Instamatic. Have you heard VH’s Everything I Want
    and You’re a God? They’re pretty great too.

    • No, but I will check them out. Thanks for supporting the book.

  • rgnuttall

    Any rock band that takes music seriously can inevitably be traced back to Rush (whether they realize it or not).

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