Best Of The StockTwits Network 10-5-13

Give it up for the 16 best posts of the past week from The StockTwits Blog Network.

Success is not spectacular, it is mundane (Abnormal Returns)

Charting the decline in stocks in an uptrend (All Star Charts)

Issue number 872 in James’ universe is jealousy, but he knows how to cure it (Altucher Confidential)

Looking back on the market’s health heading into the Lehman implosion.  Eddy says it was “decent” (Crossing Wall Street)

Joey doesn’t post much, but when he does it is good stuff. His take on $FOSL (Downtown Trader)

So much good stuff in this post by D-to-the-H (as I call him) that trying to summarize it would pale by comparison (Dynamic Hedge)

What the PMI numbers tell us….but not the PMI you are thinking of (FaithMightFX)

Why an incredible return during the last quarter might be a major red flag (Howard Lindzon)

Most people think fundamentals impact stock price.  But what if the exact opposite is true as well? (Ivanhoff Capital)

Peter solves the government shut down AND the Obamacare debocle.  Only a guy with a middle initial would have this type of insight (Peter L. Brandt)

10 predictions for Crowdfunding and the JOBS act.  No, really, that is that title of this post (Points and Figures)

How to make money investing in the global beer market.  You had me at “beer.”  And “global.” (Sizemore Insights)

Greg says this is the “Most Important Indicator EVER….!!!” (Dragnonfly Capital)

Shit, Josh throws up thirty posts a week that I have to sort through.  This one on why most traders fail was a standout for me (The Reformed Broker)

Jerry is suggesting that $GOOG might be going down….downtown… Mitch & Murray (The Armo Trader)

Do you wait….or anticipate and jump the gun? (Zor Trades)

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  • Excellent list of reads, Brian. Abnormal Returns
    and The Reformed Broker are two of my favorite blogs. But, I think I’m going to
    be reading Charles Sizemore and Points and Figures from now on too.

    • Yeah, so much good content on the StockTwits Blogs.