Best Of The StockTwits Network 9-14-13

Give it up for the 23 best posts of the past week from The StockTwits Blog Network… one from your’s truly.

How you can use the “hammer” in you trading.  Can’t touch this (1nvestor)

Often market commentators shoot their mouths off about things they have no stake in. Right? Wrong? Let’s discuss (Abnormal Returns)

Cheap Trick had a breakout album here, and maybe this index is doing the same thing (All Star Charts)

Boring can be profitable (Altucher Confidential)

Distilled insights in 30 different companies (Avondale Asset Management)

This market is a magical winged unicorn Pegasus….and it is all going to end badly (bclund)

The difference between the “economy” and the “stock market” (Crossing Wall Street)

Think differently (Derek Hernquist)

The “topping process.”  I am not going to touch that with a ten foot pole.  Wait….. (Dynamic Hedge)

A different tone and tenor in the Aussie Dollar in 2013 (FaithMightFX)

So non-market related.  So Python.  So funny (HCPG)

Dissecting what the Twitter IPO means to you (Ivanhoff Capital)

Joe let’s you in on why he thinks these two stocks could double from here (Joe Fahmy)

The Obama administration might want to give the Kid a ring, because he has solved the healthcare problem (Kid Dynamite’s World)

Is a Zuckerberg born or made? (Points and Figures)

A rundown of the asset classes that you must have in your retirement portfolio (Sizemore Insights)

Twelve stocks with high short floats and more ready for a squeeze than your high school zits (StockTwits 50)

Looking at how manufacturing jobs can help overcome income inequity (The Basis Point)

If you attend the late-night Stocktoberfest meeting, this is what is on the agenda (The Minimalist Trader)

Josh has not done a post in five days.  That is equal to seven years for the average blogger.  What is he up to? (The Reformed Broker)

Talking about the most hated asset class right now (The Armo Trader)

Who will be making the big bucks from the Twitter IPO? (Upside Trader)

Todd picks a fight with the Wall Street Journal on their Sears valuation (Value Plays)

Make sure your watchlist is telling you what you need to know (Zor Trades)

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