Best Of The StockTwits Blog Network 8-24-13

Give it up for fifteen of the best posts last week from the StockTwits Blog Network (well, fourteen plus one of mine).

Who is not communicating clearly with the public?  The NASDAQ.  The Fed. The list goes on…. (The Reformed Broker)

Think twice, or maybe five times before you buy a home. (Altucher Confidential)

Howard is nervous about the markets.  Really nervous! (Howard Lindzon)

Who would use Nazis and UFO’s to illustrate lessons for trading the markets *hint*—–>(bclund)

Derald walks us through a volatility trade using the $VXX ETN. (1nvestor)

Divining how much cash is actually sitting on the sidelines. (Avondale Asset Management)

JC tells us what the May highs mean to him….and to you. (All Star Charts)

Ignorance is no excuse to get screwed by your mortgage lender. (Crossing Wall Street)

I love this….The Fishing Lodge Indicator.  (Dynamic Hedge)

Bernanke is NOT going to taper, and because of that these five stocks could soar. (Joe Fahmy)

Should $GS have their errant trades during the NASDAQ crisis cancelled or face the music? (Kid Dynamite’s World)

10 great crowdsourced answers to the question “What’s your bread and butter trade?” (Phil Pearlman)

Jeff puts his two cents in on the errant $GS trades.  Can you guess which side he takes. (Points and Figures)

It would be great if you could use “magic” to find market winners.  Charles shows you the next best thing. (Sizemore Insights)

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