Learn About The Markets While Saving A Child’s Life

Everybody likes a “two-fer,” and boy do I have a great one for you.

Earlier this year I released my book Trading: The Best Of The Best – Top Trading Tips For Our Time as a free download.  I took a different approach from traditional books about the markets by contacting sixty active traders and investors and asking them to contribute their top tips.  They came up with over two hundred, and in addition to those tips each contributor is linked to throughout the book so that no matter if you read it today or five years from today you can always access the most current content these market pros have to offer via their websites and StockTwits streams.

To date over five-thousand people have downloaded the book and I have to say that the response from readers has been overwhelmingly positive.  I wanted to take that positive energy and do something meaningful with it, so I have a special favor to ask of you.

As of today the free download period is over.  With the agreement of all the books’ contributors I have listed it on Amazon (and soon to follow, iTunes and Barnes & Noble’s web site) and will be donating any profits from its sale to charity, in perpetuity.

That charity is the McKenna Claire Foundation, named after McKenna Claire Wetzel, the seven-year old daughter of my high school friends Dave and Kristine Wetzel.  McKenna was diagnosed with DIPG (Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma), a particularly deadly type of brain tumor that exclusively attacks children ages five to ten years old.  The fatality rate from DIPG is 100%.

McKenna was diagnosed in mid-January of 2011 and died six months later; two-weeks shy of her eighth birthday

DIPG gets little funding because it is not seen as a “profitable” disease by big pharma companies, so the McKenna Claire Foundation raises money to directly fund research into a cure for this deadly disease.  This is where the “two-fer” comes in.

If you haven’t bought the book, head on over to Amazon, drop $4.99, less than the cost of one trade commission, and pick the book up.  Not only will you learn a ton about trading the markets but you will help contribute to finding a cure for DIPG.

But if you were one of those five thousand who got the book for free, I have two favors to ask of you.

If you found ANY value at all in the book, please;

A) Go to the Amazon page and write a positive customer review.  The more positive reviews, the more sales, and the more sales the more money that goes towards pediatric brain cancer research.


B) Buy another copy of the book!  Yeah, I know you got it for free already, but buy a copy for a friend or client, or maybe even twenty friends or clients.  Just think of it as a donation to a very worthy cause and a “thank you” to all the books’ contributors for allowing their content to be used to help support a worthy cause.

And if you do either A or B, or both, you will have my deepest appreciation as well.

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  • Wright Smith

    Hi Brian, Your article today on Why We Trade is a beautiful piece. If a young inquiring mind like your daughter’s can’t understand the process, what chance do the rest of us highly intelligent people have.


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