Your 20 Trade Ideas For The Week Of 3-25-13

This market has definitely returned to the “short-killer” mode as of late, but having said that, there are actually a number of short candidates this week which hasn’t happened for a while.

The market is incredibly strong but I would be very careful on initiating any new longs as we are due for a pullback.  If you area putting new money to work long, reduce your size and make sure you have tight stops in.  Okay, let’s do this…..


Is $AAPL, everybody’s favorite Kool-Aid stock finally done going down?  Who knows, but it is coming out of a large down channel that could signal a change in character from the previous seven months.


Financials have been strong as of late and $CMA is forming a bull flag here.


$CF broke a downtrend line, consolidated, tried to run higher but failed and in the process broker a longer uptrend line.  After a bounce it looks like it could be headed lower from here.


After a strong run $BSX is consolidating nicely getting ready for the next move up.


After a year-long narrowing range $BRCM is slooooowly starting to break out.  Long-term play here.


At the first of the year $BIDU looked like it might be getting ready to break out of a year-long down channel, but it failed.  Now at the bottom of that channel, look for a reversal in the area indicated by the circle.


Another hot theme this year has been real estate and $AKR is forming a tight bull flag here.


$AIG has made a double-top and now is breaking an intermediate term downtrend line.  The next move may be down.


Not sure what $CYBX does but it has broken a trendline and now looks ready to break down out of a rising channel.


Another one that I have no idea what they do, but the chart in $DSCO looks ugly and the next move may be down.


The range in $GME continues to tighten setting up a possible break to the upside.


$GOOG is coming back to re-test its breakout into all-time highs.  This tight flag may reverse at the 50SMA coming up.


No specific setup here in $LNKD but its powerful uptrend makes it one to watch.


Climbing an uptrend line, $MITK is about to take its fifth shot at breaking above gap resistance.


Once left for dead $NFLX is everyone’s favorite trading stock now.  This high level consolidation after its earnings gap up is bullish.


Yes utilities are boring but there is a nice tight flag forming here in $PNW.


Nice high-level consolidation here in $RDN.


A breakout from a channel like $REGN is forming can lead to a sustained move up.


Along with casinos, the brokers have been my pick for the sector to move this year. $SCHW is forming a tight flag from which may head higher.


Rarely do you get such an orderly and repetitive move like the one here in $SLV. The consolidation range it is in now may just be the pause before heading lower still.


$SODA is on a mission to prove that they are not a fad and I like the look of the stock here.

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  • Matthew

    Brian, these are very informative. Do you use a specific scan to come up with these ideas

    • No, I just eyeball a group of about 300 stocks. After 25 years I can pretty much see the patterns I am interested in.