Over 200 Market Tips From 60 Traders And Investors

Well, it took eight months, twelve revisions, and two dead goats (don’t ask), but my free eBook finally goes live today.

Trading: The Best Of The Best- Top Trading Tips For Our Times or TTBOTBTTTFOT for short, contains over two hundred tips on the markets from sixty active traders and investors.  But what’s even more important is that the book was designed in a way to always keep it relevant; containing over one hundred links that will take you to the most current content from the contributors.

Make sure to read the “What’s The Value Of This Book,” and “How To Use This Book” pages in order to get the most out of it.

So go ahead, what are you waiting for?  Just click the banner below to get it for free.


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  1. Brian, I may be subscribed but am unable to get” trading the best” link dose not

    work. Can not copy and past it. Wont copy. Tryed over and over but once you

    have done it it wont let you do it again. Oh well. I like your Blog a lot anyway

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