Odds And Ends

I am not the best at curating links and sites, but I have picked up a few during 2012 that I go to on a regular basis.  All of them are top shelf and great additions to your Google Reader or RSS feeds.

By the way, please feel free to suggest any worthwhile sites you think I should follow in 2013.

Jerry Seinfeld’s Personal Archives – Three clips a day, curated by Jerry himself.  I find a trip to this site a daily oasis, and can tell how good/bad things are going by how early in the day I hit the site.
The Wall Street Warrior – Jamie’s site basically started my fascination with trading/investing blogging and he was very kind to me when I was still a total idiot, opposed to the semi-idiot I am now.  Has some of the best trading analysis on the web.
Wall Street
Savage Chickens – It’s rare that I actually laugh out loud at anything, yet Doug Savage’s cartoons on sticky notes cause me to do it on a regular basis.
Masteroftheuniverse’s Weblog – Jeff Watson is a former pit trader who has forgotten more about trading than most of us will ever know.  His blog, though not as updated as I would wish, is a great place to talk about trading, surfing, and fine art collecting. Jeff is the modern day version of a Renaissance Man.
Jeff Watson
Brain Pickings – Not that Maria Popova needs little ole’ me to give her tremendously eclectic blog any more publicity, but I’m going to anyway.  If you have any proclivity for art, poetry, writing, graphic arts, literature, or any of the creative disciplines, this is a site you must follow.
The Coolist* – I am a closet architecture and design buff and this site has some of the most striking posts on anything from Modernist Churches to Subway Photography to the new Air Jordans.
JennyJohnsonHi5 – Jenny Johnson is no doubt one of the funniest people on the planet and the person responsible to Chris Brown quitting Twitter (temporarily).  Nuff said.
And finally….

Zen Pencils – Gavin Aung Than’s site is one of my favorite finds of 2012.  It shows that no matter what has already been done on the Internet, there is always someone out there who can use their creativity and take it in directions most of us would never have thought of.


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