Best Of StockTwits For The Week Of 12-8-12

Let’s be honest, you could pretty much throw a dart any day of the week at the StockTwits Blog Network, and end up hitting a post that is better than 99% of the other stuff out there that passes as financial blogging.  So to say these are “The Best of….” is a little disingenuous; let’s just say these are some of the posts from the last week that caught my attention and I think will interest you.

How a Collar helps to the downside 1nvestor

What books Abnormal Returns readers bought in November 2012 Abnormal Returns

It’s Game Time for Small Caps All Star Charts

Stock Market Analysis for Week Ending 12/7/12 Alphatrends

How I Personally Saved the Global Economy And Why I Blog Altucher Confidential

Mega-Cap Stocks Dominate Wall Street Crossing Wall Street

Draining the Excess Derek Hernquist

The Airline Index is About to Take Off Dragonfly Capital

10 Tips From the Trenches Dynamic Hedge

The SEC, Mary Schapiro, FINRA, Penny Stocks …The Opposite of Investing for Profit and Joy Howard Lindzon

Why You Need to Short Apple Right Here Investing with Options

5 Reasons I Like Joe Fahmy

Netflix, Social Media, and Regulation Fair Disclosure Kid Dynamite’s World

Trading futures- and forex-related ETFs is for fools Peter L. Brandt

S&P Capital IQ’s Scott Kessler Upgraded Apple Inc in November at 536 & Here’s Why Phil Pearlman

Shedding Tears for The Bubble Points and Figures

Inside the November BLS Jobs Report The Basis Point

Sometimes, a Guy Just Nails It… The Minimalist Trader

Emerging Markets Emerging The Reformed Broker

The Market Is Almost Never Normal….Apple Upside Trader

Labor Sees Little Effect From Sandy ValuePlays

USA Banks Return on Assets at Post-Crisis High Osprey Flyer

Barnes & Noble: Of Bricks and Nooks AlphaVN

Japan is a Dead Man Walking Sizemore Insights

And what you might have missed on bclund this week….

Apple Is Currently Down 10% And You’re Already Dead bclund

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