Your 12 Trade Ideas For The Week Of 11-5-12

You will have to forgive my skipping a week for the “10 Ideas…” last week, but I was attending Stocktoberfest down in Coronado.  You can read my thoughts about this fantastic event in my post “Check Your Ego At The Door: Notes From Stocktoberfest.”

However, in the last two weeks not much has changed.  We hit (and broke) the 200ma on $AAPL as I had predicted, which sets up a very specific trade if the technicals line up properly (“The Trade In Apple For Monday”), but the market conditions are leaving us very few setups.

In my last post I spoke about getting your list together of stocks that have had good relative strength during the recent sell off, as those will be the winners when the market stabilizes and moves back up.  We are still in that mode now as there are no actionable trades for this week on my radar.  However, here are some stocks that have held up well that you should keep on a short list.


Keep your eyes on these names as well, as they have also held up good recently:


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