How To Know If You Are Really A Republican Or A Democrat

Want to know where I fall on the political scale?  Okay, here you go….

I think both Rush Limbaugh and Keith Olbermann are fucking idiots.

And I think both Dennis Prager and the late Christopher Hitchens are fucking brilliant.

Two conservatives and two liberals and I hate two from each side and love two from each side.  And by the way, Prager and Hitchens had enormous respect for one another and discussed and debated numerous times, always in a civilized way.

One of those I love, Prager. came out with a test a few years back to determine if you are a conservative or liberal.

It’s basically 21 questions that give a pretty good picture (if you answer honestly) of which side of the social fence you fall on.  You can click the link below to take it.

Are You A Liberal via Prager University

I tend to think that most people are more fiscally conservative and socially moderate. Out here in So Cal we call that “someone who lives in Orange County.”

My own test to tell if you are closer to being a Republican or a Democrat is very simple.  It goes like this….

At tax time, do you tell your accountant to do EVERYTHING he can, take advantage of EVERY loophole, and push EVERY limit to make sure you pay as little taxes as you can?

If you do, you’re more of a Republican than a Democrat.

Tomorrow we vote for the next President of our country.  If Obama wins, I am going to drink a lot of beer, and if Romney wins, I am going to drink a lot of beer.  But either way, I look forward to taking this blog (mostly) back to its non-political roots, at least for three and a half more years.

This campaign season has been fucking brutal.  Too much time (almost a year) and too much money (roughly $2 billion) has been spent by both sides to say basically jack-shit.

Did you know that in the UK they have an election spending cap of 20 million pounds (about $33 million USD) per major party, but more importantly, only a month-long campaign season?  We could really use some reform like that here.

So make sure get out and vote, remember to call your mom, be nice to children, and any other cliche’ crap that applies here.

And just so you know, I am voting for Romney, not because he is the best candidate, but just the least undesirable.  Read what I mean in my post “Why Mitt Romney Will Be The Next President (…And It’s Not Why You Think).

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  • Adam

    It used to be acceptable to say you we’re a Liberal Republican, or Conservative Democrat. Somewhere along line, we stopped allowing this. So an individual who is fiscally conservative and socially moderate would be more of a Conservative Democrat. Still think we should say it like it is

  • Love that UK rule. But sounds like you don’t like the Citizens United ruling… sorta liberal of you, dude. 😉


  • Dan Bustamante

    Brian, love your posts bro, keep them coming!!!!!!!!!!

  • By ‘short’ list, you mean quantity, right? Not sell short? Those look like reversal wedges to me. 🙂 Just clarifying…

  • Dinomyte633

    Noticed in your other post you linked to you said you were thinking about home brewing. Did you ever start? Helped KD start home brewing (well, not sure how much help I was, probably closer to encouraged) and he’s been going strong ever since!

    • No. I would love to, but don’t have the time. Besides, there are so many different great craft brews out there these days, it almost doesn’t make sense to do it yourself.

  • “I tend to think that most people are more fiscally conservative and socially moderate. Out here in So Cal we call that “someone who lives in Orange County.””


    and I call taking advantages of every tax loophole/etc being American. 🙂

    • See, you are more conservative that you think Jerry 🙂