Best Of The StockTwits Network 10-20-12

Let’s be honest, you could pretty much throw a dart any day of the week at the StockTwits Blog Network, and end up hitting a post that is better than 99% of the other stuff out there that passes as financial blogging.  So to say these are “The Best of….” is a little disingenuous; let’s just say these are some of the posts from the last week that caught my attention and I think will interest you.

The Bear Collar starring Mellanox and Chipotle 1nvestor

Who wins in an ETF price war? Abnormal Returns

What If The Euro Keeps Rallying? All Start Charts

IBM and INTC Technical Analysis Discussion on Reuters TV w/Phil Pearlman Alphatrends

No Wonder He Hated Me Altucher Confidential

So How Predictable Was 1987? Crossing Wall Street

Last Word on Breadth Derek Hernquist

The Spanish Miracle! Dragonfly Capital

The Science of Analysis and the Art of Trading Dynamic Hedge

“GoogleGate” Highlights the Need For Companies to Own Their Communications Howard Lindzon

What is Causing the Giant VIX Contango Trading With Options

Two Key Takeaways from the Flash Crash In 1987 Ivanhoff Capital

VIDEO: Too Much Distribution Joe Fahmy

WSJ Writes About Lloyd Blankfein’s Locker Room Nakedness Kid Dynamite’s World

Microsoft Earnings Review: Decline of an Empire Osprey Flyer

Fallout from Chesapeake’s Land Grab is Over AlphaVN

The Apple (AAPL) is falling from the tree Peter L. Brandt

October 19, 1987 Points and Figures

A Profitable System is Only The Beginning Rogue Traderette

Japanese Purchase of Sprint is an Act of Desperation Sizemore Insights

Loan agent stories on how hard it is to get a mortgage The Basis Point

My Recollections from Black Friday, 1987 The Reformed Broker

How’s That QE3 Inflation Trade Working For You? The Armo Trader

Black Monday and Buying Fear The Upside Trader

Rail Traffic Remains Elevated Value Plays

And finally, what you may have missed on this week…

Part 2 Of The 100 Percent Accurate Trading Newsletter bclund

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