Best Of The StockTwits Blog Network 10-6-12

Let’s be honest, you could pretty much throw a dart any day of the week at the StockTwits Blog Network, and end up hitting a post that is better than 99% of the other stuff out there that passes as financial blogging.  So to say these are “The Best of….” is a little disingenuous; let’s just say these are some of the posts from the last week that caught my attention and I think will interest you.

Dealing with “next” 1nvestor

Investor trauma and the recency effect Abnormal Returns

One-on-One With Ralph Acampora – Part 2 & Part 3 All Star Charts

Stock Market Video Analysis for Week Ending 10/5/12 Alphatrends

How To Diversify Your Life Altucher Confidential

CWS Market Review – October 5, 2012 Crossing Wall Street

If You Have Not Been Bullish Open Your Eyes Dragonfly Capital

Stocktoberfest – The Agenda – Investing for Profit and Joy in 2013 and Beyond Howard Lindzon

When You Can’t Quantify Your Risk Kid Dynamite’s World

Washington Jobs Propaganda: USA Unemployment Rate 7.8% Osprey Flyer

Oracle: Attempting to Buy the Cloud AlphaVN

Natural Gas — Now this is what a bottom looks like Peter L. Brandt

Talking Landholding Companies with Todd Sullivan for ReutersTV Phil Pearlman

Social Media, Markets and The Presidential Debate Points and Figures

It’s Time to Go Beyond BRICs Sizemore Insights

Zillow Mortgage Head Erin Lantz Explains Rates In The Media The Basis Point


Gold Bulls Watch Out The Armo Trader

Spread Trading Fundamentals This is Bigger

Call Me Crazy Upside Trader

Rail Traffic Sets Multi-Year Record Value Plays

Mean Reverting TLT/SPY ZorTrades

And finally, what you may have missed this week on

How Much Money Do You Need To Trade For A Living?  Brian C. Lund

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