Your 10 Trade Ideas For Monday 8-13-12

Some trade setups for you consideration.  Unless otherwise noted they are good-looking setups on the daily chart for taking day trades, i.e. “Set up for home runs, but hit singles and doubles.”

If you ever wanted a tight range to get  long a swing in $AAPL….well now you got it.
Way early but $LVS is trying to work out of a down channel here.  Green hammer candle is the R/R for a swing.
if $FB can get above $22.50 pivot then at least a temporary bottom may be in place.
Basing after breaking out is good for $TGT.  Earnings come out on Wednesday.
Tight flag in $ACW after price action that suggests a bottom is in place it bullish.
Holy 90’s Batman!  If $MU can stay between the 200ma and resistance for a few more days it would set up a nice breakout play.
Nice flag/base pattern in $PCS after breaking through the 200ma on big volume.
Nice action in $MITK after breaking resistance.  the buy is the break of this small range.  May have to wait for 50ma to catch up first though.
So widely watched, $GMCR never seems to do what it “should.”  That being said, two inside bars, the last of which is an NR7 right below a resistance level is looking like a sweet long set up.

What….???  A Dow-30 stock….??? Crazy huh, but the action in $AA looks like it might be putting in a multi-year bottom.

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