A Poem For A Trader

Oh trader of the South you are so “Magical.”  You’re buys are never higher than the low tick, nor your sells less than the top….

Time and logic are no match for you, as you buy and sell in dimensions mere mortal traders long to access, silly fools that they are…

Like the angels, the “right” side of the trade you always find, slaying the demons of draw downs like the paper phantoms they are…

Though those who can’t be “fixed” vex you at every turn, you sail on to a golden river of profits, “resting” on your studious throne…

Many have beached themselves on the jagged rocks of trading, but you peel away the mysteries of the markets for your minions…..

From the tip of Alaska to the end of the keys, I do believe a soul as true and honest as yours nay shall be found…

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  3. Even stones on shores
    of eternal life fountains
    songs to purple islands

    o.k. so it’s not a perfect haiku, but I wrote late last night.

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