Why Gold Will Eventually Go To Zero

On Monday I was fortunate enough to appear on the “Business for Breakfast” radio show.  It was there that I repeated my long held and controversial prediction that gold will eventually become worthless.

Of course this is an ultra-macro call that won’t be proven or disproven until long after I am dead and buried, which coincidentally makes it the perfect type of call for the morning business shows.

Please keep in mind this was from Monday when you hear price and market action references.

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  • Interesting point on Gold Brian.
    I had never thought of that, and im bearish on gold as well.
    I’m in the camp that gold is driven more by fundamentals (Gold Demand from Asia,etc) than “Money printing” (QE, Central bank balance sheets,etc).
    And if your point holds true, then as the Chinese/Indian lose their lust for gold, then demand will drop and so will the price of gold. However, its more of a cultural thing, and Asians love their gold…So it’s going to be interesting to see whose thesis plays out (Gold bugs vs bears).

  • cue the flames in 3…2….1…

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