The Best Of The StockTwits Network – 6/2/12

Let’s be honest, you could pretty much throw a dart any day of the week at the StockTwits Blog Network, and end up hitting a post that is better than 99% of the other stuff out there that passes as financial blogging.  So to say these are “The Best of….” is a little disingenuous; let’s just say these are some of the posts from the last week that caught my attention and I think will interest you.

A shortened week didn’t shorten the supply of great blog posts.  This week we learned that the markets may be on the edge of disaster and that $FB is no $AAPL.

Alphatrends starts us off with the big question.  “Where is S&P 500 Support?”

In “I’m In It For The Action – Joe Retail” ZorTrades shows why most traders should calm down, and take some advice from a fictional 20’s gangster.

Dead company walking!  Or so ValuePlays says regarding $GME.  “Still Puzzled By Game Stop.”

Sit down on your favorite yoga mat.  Center your chakra.  Take a deep, cleansing breath, and let Upside Trader take you through a Zen-like analysis of the European economy in  “Here’s What Will Happen.”

The retail investor has been getting donkey kicked in the face on a regular basis since the 2008 crash.  The Armo Trader fills in the rest of gruesome details since in “How The Retail Investor Was Lost Forever.”

Life is full of extremes.  Redheads are either smokin’ hot or “double baggers.”  Monty Python is either a scream or the stupidest thing you have ever seen.  The Reformed Broker says it’s the same with bearish market calls.  “Bear Calls are the Hardest (and Easiest) to Make.”

“The check is in the mail.”  “I swear, I will not invade the Sudetenland.”  “No, Seriously, THIS Time Housing Has Bottomed.”  I’ll take “false promises” for $100 Alex.  Courtesy of The Basis Point.

The Friggin’ Basis Point writes such consistently good posts during the week it is hard for me to only list only one.  “Getting A Mortgage: 2007 vs. Today” is definitive proof that Julian is “in the groove” with his writing.

StockTwitsU has been bubbling under the surface for the last few weeks, and they have a break out post with “What is a Value Trap?” this week.  It has a good beat and I can dance to it Dick.

NO……!!!!  But I will let TechInsidr tell you his opinion.  “Can Dell Turn It Around?”

You have heard of something called going “viral” right?   Well that was the case this week with this fantastic post by Points and Figures.  “Those Who Have a Job, Want to Quit.  Those Who Want a Job, Can’t Find One.  Blame Entrepreneurism.”

Scotch…..check!  Pre-embargo Cuban cigar….check.  Best of Muddy Waters, on vinyl, playing in the background…..check.  This is the perfect scenario in which I would love to discuss posts like “War Cannot Be Summarized” with Points and Figures.

Where are rates going to go?  I will take a guess and say “zero.”  How do you invest in an environment like that?  Well for those of you who don’t speak Japanese, there is “How To Invest In A Low Interest Rate Enviroment,” by my favorite non-proctological doctor, Phil Pearlman.

Ivanhoff Capital going against the grain.  I love it.  “Facebook – Everyone Hates It.  Is It Time To Buy?”  ($FB)

And yet more Facebook musings by Howard Lindzon.  “Facebook was just a PARTIAL Scam, Venture Capital is ALIVE, and Equities are NOT Dead.”

There is a tendency to look at the titles of Altucher Confidential’s post titles and say “link bait.”  But if you really read the posts, damned if they are not full of some of the most value add content in the blogosphere.   [Note to self: Get James drunk some night and talk about life.]  “How to Be Persistant And Get Success.”

The Bull represents a market that is moving up.  The Bear represents a market that is moving down.  I nominate the Sloth for a market that is moving sideways.  “The Stock Market Can Trade Sideways Too, You Know,” by All Star Charts.

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