The Greatest Myth About Trading – Trader’s Online Magazine.

The people at Trader’s Online Magazine were nice enough to publish my post “The Greatest Myth About Trading” in their June Issue.

Apparently the article will also be translated for their German and French editions, so if anybody speaks either of those languages, check it out for me cause I am dying to know what “no douche from OSHA is going to unexpectedly show up at your office…..” translates to.

The Greatest Myth About Trading via Trader’s Online Magazine.

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  • Mark Gallant

    I had never heard that take on trading but it makes a lot of sense and a great read I just had to comment on.

    I work for a mutli-national corporation and so far it has served both well but at any point in time, things could change and it is always a challenge if you are at the wrong place at the wrong time. I have seen people much more talented than I let go …just because!

    Just researched a business opportunity that I was very interested in to change it up. As your author mentions….$50K a month to keep the lights on….. and you basically would have to double the business to make a living at it. Much more risk then if I put even half that amount up front and started trying to trade.

    My experience in the stock market has certainly been humbling and I seem to keep learning the same lessons again and again (maybe I will never learn). But I have not blown my brains out and the losses are hopefully tuition for down the road. I can never get my own psychology figured out and stick with a plan I believe in.

    Thanks for the always interesting articles. Loved the ones, how you are killing your kids with the circumcision (the horror) and the candy smokes!! 😮

  • Mario

    Congrats on the well deserved recognition. I completely agree with you about this. And you didn’t even mention the upfront capital costs for a building or space, marketing, inventory, etc. In fact buying inventory is EXACTLY like trading in that you are attempting to buy low and sell high. How many businesses today are feeling the pain of holding too much inventory and are on the wrong side of that trade? And they don’t have a stop loss they can easily put in beyond salvage values or deep discounts generally speaking. Tons of risk exists in all business. More than anything success comes from a combo of hard work, smarts, and the proper attitude, faith, and persistence. great post man.

  • David Putnam

    So true that we jump into trading (I’m guilty), without the training.

    I have the opinion that it is very risky to be a “Trader” because it is a part-time (less than that) “job” for me and I do not educate myself as you noted.

    I have complete respect for all the full-time Traders out there. You all look at trends, look at competition, search for unique angles to win, work long hours, are self motivated, etc. You are running your own businesses. Thanks for sharing with all of us who need more education!

  • Costa Prea

    Thanks for this.

    “no douche from OSHA is going to unexpectedly show up at your office…..”
    -> german:
    “Kein Trottel von der OHSA taucht unerwartet in deinem Büro auf…..”

    Have a nice day!

  • Andrew Ramponi

    A great article. Well done on saying something rarely said, but so true. Words to remember! Thanks

  • Pieterjan

    I will print this out and laminate if needed, keep a copy in my wallet if needed . If I ever get THE question again, I can then go on and say talk to the hand… this first.

    From South Africa