Catching Up With The “Market Wizards”

In his two classic books ‘Market Wizards” and “The New Market Wizards,” Jack Schwager interviewed some the greatest traders of our time.  These were followed up with his “Godfather 3” type of book “Stock Market Wizards,” notable mostly for the interview with Steve Cohen.  Here is what some of the “Market Wizards” are up to lately.

Jim Rodgers believes that agriculture is the “next big thing” for the next 20 years. (via The Economic Times)

Bruce Kovner just dropped $500,000 into a pro-Romeny super PAC.  He is not alone as the super-rich choose their candidates. (via CBS News)

Paul Tudor Jones and Steve Cohen are making serious efforts to help military veterans. (via Bloomberg Businessweek)

Steve Cohen put $77 million into $SCSS but it’s not going to well…yet. (via MSN Money)

Mark Cook may be a “book three” Market Wizard, but he is still a Market Wizard.  Here is a video interview with him. (via YouTube)

Blair Hull is critical of high frequency trading rules.  (via The Wall Street Journal)

Alphonse Fletcher Jr.’s flagship hedge fund has been ordered liquidated.  Hey, he was “book three” too.  (via The Times-Picayune)

Steve Cohen lost out on the Dodgers, but the rumor is that he might be considering a baseball team just south of them.  (via Los Angeles Times)

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