If It’s Good Enough For Sting And Paul Tudor Jones, It’s Good Enough For Me!

James Altucher has been a regular proponent of doing yoga, and he’s right.  I tried it for a while about 5 years ago, and I have to say not only did I love it, but I could feel the difference it made in my life.

But work, and kids, and….well you know that story.  I stopped going for “just a week or two” and haven’t been back since.  This last year I have for the first time really started to feel the effect of age and have been promising myself that I would start again, but have yet to make the commitment.

Then I came across this photo:

Pictured from left, Trudie Styler, Sharath Jois, grandson and successor of Pattabhi Jois, Sting, Sonia Jones, owner of the Jois yoga studio, and her husband Paul Tudor Jones, at the opening of the Greenwich Jois studio. Credit Insider Images

One of the greatest musicians and one of the greatest traders are die hard yoga enthusiast. What more motivation do I need to get off my ass and sign up for a class?

Check in with me this time next week so see if I actually follow through.  In the meantime check out “Paul Tudor Jones Is Better At Yoga Than Me” via James Altucher.

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  • Manny

    I am apologize for the errors in my first post..
    I have a very cheap laptop with a poor keyboard.

    Yoga has been commercialized/packaged for the American palate
    but the KISS principle applies when it comes to getting the benefits from yoga.

    I would recommend “YOGA 28 DAY EXERCISE PLAN” by Richard Hittleman
    I have used capitals to emphasize this title, there are a few Hittleman books around now.
    This particular title has all the exercises in his first book published in the early 1980s.
    It is the closest to his original book and in my mind the best yoga book.

    Half an hour at home is all you need.. no traveling to a studio, paying for classes etc…

  • Manny

    I am Indian born but have been living in the uk a long long time.

    When I was much young man I wanted to do an exercise and wanted it to be an Indian exercise because I knew great things come out of India..

    That was 1984, prescient or what.

    Madonna had only just started being a pop star and I am sure he had not even heard of yoga.

    During my childhood I remember being teased (you may say in a racist manner) about the smell and taste of the food us Indian immigrants ate. Needless to say a lot of people in the uk now eat the same food.

    How times change.

    My doing yoga means that at my age I can still tackle p90x. To hear an american (Tony Horton) talk about yoga in that fashion I found quite amazing. I hope the soft power of India spreads much wider, only poverty left to eliminate.