Week In Review: The Best Of The StockTwits Blog Network

Let’s be honest, you could pretty much throw a dart any day of the week at the StockTwits Blog Network, and end up hitting a post that is better than 99% of the other stuff out there that passes as financial blogging.  So to say these are “The Best of….” is a little disingenuous; let’s just say these are some of the posts from the last week that caught my attention and I think will interest you.

I sliced the tip of my index finger in the middle of this post.  Typing was tough, but I felt compelled to finish it.  And now I know there are two things I can do pretty good with one hand.

The Armo Trader is an economic wunderkind.  He would not be born for roughly another ten years when the Reagan jobs recovery began, but that doesn’t stop him from intimately understanding why it is a road map that the current administration should follow.  “What Obama Needs Is a Reagan-Style Recovery In Jobs”.

Apple’s ($AAPL) stock price may in fact be protected by the fact that the company’s business model has no significant threats, at least in the near term.  The Stock Sage explains why in “What is Apple Worth?”

A simple, but powerful formula for success in business by the Reformed Broker.  “Make Yourself Useful.”

“Always drink upstream from the herd,” just one of the bucolic gems of wisdom contained in “Wisdom From The Farm” by Points and Figures.

StockTwits Executive Editor Phil Pearlman drops knowledge with “Notes For Developing Financial Bloggers I: You Are Your Brand.”

Raghee Horner shows how the Dollar ($DX_F) is acting like the average teenager upon graduation from high school.  “The Directionless Chop that Continues to be the U.S. Dollar”….(think about it).

No matter what the company credo is, this “stock split” in Google ($GOOG) just seems like something evil to me.  Fortunately Kid Dynamite is there to call them on it with “Google Is Not Doing a 2 For 1 Split OR: ‘Let’s Talk About Dual Class Share Structures.'”

Joe Fahmy is a pretty motivational guy himself.  In “5 Lessons I Learned While Watching Oprah’s Lifeclass with Tony Robbins”  he distills the combined wisdom of perhaps two of the most motivational figures in the last 20 years.

Ivanhoff Capital talks about a minor little thing that often keeps traders from being succesful; Human Nature.  “There Is A Difference Between Knowing and Doing.”

Steven Place of Investing With Options gives some masterful technical analysis.  “The 12 Reasons Why I Turned Bearish.”

Who says the sequel is never as good as the original?  Not Howard Lindzon.  “What a Market Top Looks Like….Part 2…Patent Trading, Instagram to Facebook (Entrepreneur Envy) and Why I am Selling Apple.”

“The Pleasure Principal” is the psychoanalytic concept describing people seeking pleasure and avoiding pain in order to satisfy their biological and psychological needs.  It’s also a pretty cool album from Gary Numan.  The “Gangplank Principle”…well you will have to read “Gangplank Principle and Market Indecision” by Dynamic Hedge to find out what that is.

Downtown Trader in the hizoouse…..!!!  Joey shoots straight on where the market is now in “So What Now?”

I admit that I have an issue with James Altucher.  He writes with a quantity and quality that I can only dream about, has a full head of hair, and his wife is a yoga master.  It’s at least a small comfort to know that he struggles with procrastination like I do.  “5 Great Things About Procrastination.”

All Star Charts is like Robert Sinn, in that he just keeps churning out top quality post after post.  Some day I hope to have a long conversation with both of them in the warm humidity of a Florida night; cigar and scotch in hand.  Read “S&P500 Breaks 6-Month Uptrend: Now What?” to see what I am talking about. ($SPY)

If you haven’t already gotten Abnormal Returns’ new book, “Winning Strategies From The Frontlines Of The Investment Blogoshpere” do yourself a favor and buy it. Check out “Putting the social in social finance” to see the level of quality you will find in it.

I hate Intuitive Surgical ($ISRG).  It is like Intercontinental Exchange ($ICE), it should be more liquid and less volatile than it is.  I have battled both those companies via the common…and then I had an “Oh yeah…” moment after reading “Using Options to trade Intuitive Surgical” by 1nvestor.


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