121 Years Of National Geographic In Your Hand. Now My Grandfather Will Finally Forgive Me.

About ten years ago I faced one of those times in life that is as unfortunate as it is inevitable.

My grandmother had gotten to the age where she was no longer able to live by herself; my grandfather having passed away five years earlier.  Even though the assisted living facility she was going to was very nice and still gave her a semblance of freedom, it was hard for her to leave behind her home and the memories that existed in it.

My job was to get her moved and to help along the process of thinning out the decades of items they had accumulated.  This included about thirty years worth of National Geographic magazines that my grandfather had saved.

As silly as it may seem I felt a terrible twinge of guilt as I threw them in the trash bin. My grandfather fancied himself an intellectual and each issue was annotated with his thoughts and ideas about the articles.  I knew how much he valued knowledge and throwing away all his reading, thinking, and writing like so much waste made me feel like shit.

But now the cleansing waters of technology have allowed me to finally break free of that guilt.

Nat Geo has put every single issue they have ever published, 121 years worth, on DVD.

1,400 issues.  200,000 hi-res photos.  8,000 articles.  Every single one from 1888 to the present, even including the original ads.

My grandfather would love this if he were alive and I think it probably gets me off the “hook”.

The Complete National Geographic (National Geographic)

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  • Andy Harrison

    Wow! last year my mother went through same process with my 94yr grandmother. We had over 60yrs worth, ended up in recycling sadly…

    • bclund

      I know isn’t it crazy, feeling that way? I only wish my Grandfather could have lived to see something like this (he died in 98′). I think he would have been amazed.