Gingrich And Perry Join The Occupy Wall Street Protestors

The rhetoric from the Zuccotti Park diehards is getting to be indistinguishable from the also-rans in the GOP these days as they desperately try to derail Mitt Romney.

While waiting for Haley Joel Osment to inform them that “they’re already dead,” Rick Perry is throwing around bad 80’s slang like “Vulture Capitalist” and Newt Gingrich trying his own brand of populous rhetoric.

The Wall Street Journal outlines the next somewhat hypocritically financed move against Mitt…..

A super PAC supporting the former House Speaker plans to spend $3.4 million in TV ads in South Carolina portraying Mr. Romney as Gordon Gekko without the social conscience. The financing for these ads will come from a billionaire who made his money in the casino business, which Mr. Gingrich apparently considers morally superior to investing in companies in the hope of making a profit.

Despite these attacks the article goes on to argue that Romney actually has a good story to tell about Bain Capital, he just has to be willing to tell it.

The Bain Capital Bonfire (The Wall Street Journal)


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