The Last Moments of Steve Jobs Life

Though I am not particulary religious, I pray to whatever higher power there is that the last moments of Steve Jobs life were filled with peace and bliss.  I would like to imagine that with his last mortal breath he felt a sense of serenity, a sense of calm, and a sense of fullfillment.  I wish this for Steven Paul Jobs the man, not the iconic image that most of us only know him as.  I wish this for his wife and his children, the family that he once told U2’s Bono were his “real pride.”

But as much as I wanted to believe this vision, with a design as elegant as the products he imagined and created, it didn’t ring true to me.  Perhaps I am greedy, but as I have thought about the passing of Steve Jobs over the past 24 hours, as much as I have tried to focus on the life changing innovations his genius spawned, I find myself feeling bitter about the loss of the things that were to come.

My parent’s generation were crushed by the loss of JFK, and the lingering sorrow of the great things he could have accomplished.  I find myself feeling that way about Mr. Jobs.  I wanted to watch decades more of  his “One More Thing” announcements, to see once again the unveiling of things I could never have imagined, but that he could in his sleep.

But then I felt guilty and selfish as I know that for his loved ones, the “One More Thing” they would have traded the world and all the Apple products in for would be one more day with their “dad” or “husband”.

My real vision of Steve Jobs last moments was one of  sadness for the loss of a family he loved, but also one of frustration.  I can’t imagine how painful it must have been to actually be Steve Jobs, with a mind, and heart, and soul that was otherworldly.  To be Steve Jobs with so many ideas, and so much left to do, knowing that the end was coming.  To be Steve Jobs and to know he would not be there to see the final realization of his dreams  and ideas.

And then it hit me….

In my limited way of thinking, I imagined his life as journey with a beginning and an end, but people like Steve Jobs don’t think in those terms.  In fact, there was no end to his dreams and ideas.  To lose him at fifty-six is a tradgedy, but no matter what the age Steve left this earth, we could have rightly wondered what he was left to accomplish.

With that said, I would now like to think that he understood that at the end of his life.  That he knew that leaving a life unfinished, meant that it was one lived always looking to the future, with infinite possibilities, and unending potential.  One lived to the fullest every waking minute, of every waking hour, of every waking day.  One that you should always live in eternal pursuit of “One More Thing”.

I hope that was the way that Steve Jobs left us.  And I hope that his loss to his family and friends and those that truly knew him is ever so slightly lightened by knowing that his life and the way he lived it was a greater inspiration and will benefit mankind more than anything else he did.

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  • yo

    two more things

    praying that something happened in the past is quite illogical

    with the recent revelation that Jobs probably would have lived if he had had surgery and not the unconventional treatments he used, might that have been on his mind in the last hours?

  • steve jobs fan

    First real post that reflects my feelings too, for Mr. Jobs and is a true tribute to the legend. Straight from the heart….warm words.

    • Thanks so much. I was afraid it might come off as too sappy or in bad taste.

  • Bill schlesinger

    These are the words and thoughts that truly give credit to mr. Jobs greatness and inspiration. I feel hollow today. I feel lost like a child. Steve jobs makes it our role now to embrace the things we love and nourish them- develop them. Bring new ideas, gizmos, gadgets and beautiful things to the world. Share them and put a big wide grin on your neighbors face. Help make this world special. I have learned these things from you mr jobs directly and indirectly. The sheer simplicity elegance and effectiveness of your creations honor you with every beep click and swipe. Thank you for your gifts- the thrill and excitement of creativity and joy. Bless you. We will truly miss you.

    • Well said Bill. Thanks for reading.

  • betty

    Touching post but I was thinking somewhat the opposite. That his vision of siri from 25 years ago was released with the 4S (for Steve) release the day before his death seems uncanny. I think he had to know that he lived to see his vision enacted.. and the paranoid Christian in me keeps thinking, “See? You die when you realize your dreams.”

    • That is an interesting concept Betty. Whichever it was, I just hope he was at peace at the end.

  • very touched by the empathy and understanding ..

    the future, yes

    the big things and the future that mattered to your parents generation are harder to believe in now

    • Boy isn’t that true Madeleine. There are so many things that are an everyday part of our lives now, that even as a kid I never would have believed could exist. I guess it just show us the you really never should say “never”.

      Thanks for reading.