My Daughter Cost Me Two Grand Today

(This post was originally published on 4/9/2007 and is being re-visited in honor of my daughter’s birthday.  I love you sweetie.  Re-tweet this, okay?)

I don’t trade during the first hour and fifteen minutes of the day because part of “being a daddy trader” means I have to take my 16 month old daughter over to her grandmother’s each morning.

This actually works out good for me because the first hour or so of the morning is very fast-moving and does not mix well with my ADD.  Giving the market time to set up some tradable patterns is much better for me.  Anyway…..

Yesterday was Easter, and full of running around to relatives houses.  My daughter’s schedule was thrown off a bit and she had a hard time getting to sleep last night.  She woke up very early this morning, so I got her a bottle and put her in bed with my wife and myself.

When my alarm rang to get up, she was curled up in a little ball, pushed against the small of my back, and snoring like crazy.  I knew if I got up, it would wake her, and I knew she needed the extra sleep, so I decided to sleep in with her for an extra hour.

Because of this I didn’t get to my computer til much later than normal, and in fact, just a few minutes after $DNDN started it’s move.  There is no doubt that I would have entered into that trade, and probably would have made about 2K on it.

So because I had to sleep in with my daughter, I lost out on the opportunity to make that money.  It is annoying and frustrating, and I would do it again in a heartbeat.