• AlO

    I am very interested in your book. I do not have or want a Kindle at this point.
    Any chance I can get a pdf or Epub version? I would offer to pay via PayPal or make a donation.
    Al O

  • Joe

    What does one need to do to get a copy of this ebook?? Filled in name and email… confirmed email…. sent two more email and heard nothing…. Someone else accumulating email to sell on??

    • http://bclund.com/ bclund

      Well first off, don’t be a dick. Anyone who has read my blog for 10 minutes knows I would never spam anyone and I don’t have anything to sell.
      By the way, the eBook has been downloaded successfully over 4K times so my guess is that the problem is on your end.
      Now, having said that, send me an email to bclundblog @ gmail dot com and I will get you a copy.

  • fakebclund

    it’s not my day ..

    any email this is what I get

    Email Address Is Not ValidThe address you entered is not in a valid format.
    Please correct any mistakes in the address and try to subscribe again.
    If you see this message again, please use a different email address to subscribe.

  • Larry

    Looking the ebook